Engineered and Reconstituted Stone

  1. Are the Archistone Reconstituted limestone blocks dimensionally accurate?
  2. Yes, due to the method and  machinery Archistone use, the blocks dimensions are between +/- 3mm
  3. Can I buy the Archistone Reconstituted block with a beveled face?
  4. Yes, Most of our blocks are available with either a plain or beveled face, its your choice.
  5. Can I buy finishing products such as pier caps and bullnoses?
  6. Yes, We produce a range of both that will suit any walling or landscaping need.
  7. Do you install the product?
  8. No we don’t, however if you visit any one of our sales centers they can recommend a number of tradespeople who can quote and install with the professionalism you expect from Urbanstone Central.
  9. Do you sell Mortar for my DIY job?
  10. Yes, we stock a range of products to help you complete your projects including mortar and sealers.
  11. Can I pick up the product myself?
  12. Absolutely! We have a number of centers both North and South of the river that always hold products for you convenience.   We can even help by providing a trailer free of charge…..And if its just too hard…We’ll Deliver.