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Since 1994, UrbanStone has been one of Australia’s leading forces, providing the demanding design and construction community with innovative, imaginative solutions through its Ultra-Premium range.

With its recent acquisitions and expansion, as part of the growing Schaffer Building Products Group, UrbanStone now has the increased capacity to supply a staggeringly wide range of natural stone paving, walling and other specialist products through the wholly owned and operated sister companies, Archistone and Limestone Resources.

Some of the granite and sandstone is imported but all the limestone is quarried and precision-cut in the Group’s world-class Australian operations.

The range now on offer for paving and walling includes granite, quartzite, sandstone and limestone, both in natural form through Limestone Resources and also as reconstituted, engineered stone through Archistone and UrbanStone.

As with all UrbanStone products, the natural stone options are suitable for a wide range of applications, including pool surrounds and interior and exterior living areas, as well as for wall cladding and solid walling projects.

The peerless Ultra Premium Collection includes Travertine, Bluestone and Shifting Sands paving, wall cladding, pier caps and imaginative feature ideas. It also boasts an impressive range of border inlays and an expanded collection of pool copings and bullnoses.

Each is available in a range of surface finishes, profiles and colours and most are offered in different sizes.

There are two ways you can explore the UrbanStone Ultra-Premium paving and coping collections. There’s a sophisticated and comprehensive website or you can visit any of the one-stop UrbanStone Central displays. UrbanStone Central is the nationwide group of centres where you will find an astonishingly wide selection of their leading-brand products and can see them used in situation. 

For more than a decade, UrbanStone has led the nation in designing, developing and producing large-scale outdoor pavescape solutions of enduring strength and beauty. As testament to that, the company’s innovative products can be seen in many of the nation’s leading universities, sporting complexes, civic centres, pedestrian malls and iconic landmark buildings, as well in prestige residential projects the length and breadth of the country.

Shifting Sands, a precision-engineered, Ultra-Premium UrbanStone product that creates the appearance of natural sand-dune ridges, is one of the imaginative products in the prestigious collection. Shifting Sands can be used to create large-scale feature pavescapes or to add distinctive design features to more conventional paving solutions.

Beyond these distinctive paving and walling products the company has the capacity to custom-design products to enable architects, engineers, landscapers and other professionals to meet client’s most technically demanding requirements, anywhere in Australia.

According to UrbanStone General Manager, Mike Falconer, there’s a number of the company’s Ultra-Premium products with the inherent capacity to provide world-class design options. “We also have the experience and technology to be able to custom-create virtually any size, shape, texture and colour paving imaginable in an equally impressive range of finishes,” says Mike.

To enable architects, engineers, landscapers and other professionals to explore the near-limitless range of options available, UrbanStone has created a comprehensive website. The site includes many examples of the vast UrbanStone collection and provides contact information for each state office, along with locations of the various impressive display centres.

The amazing website also contains a wealth of design ideas, technical details and examples of how the many products have been used successfully in application for many years. Log on to the site today and it won’t take you long to appreciate why UrbanStone continues to set the standard by which all other Australian paving companies are judged

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