From Schaffer Corp to Brickworks Limited

At UrbanStone we began manufacturing paving products for the Western Australian residential market in early 1993, and in conjunction with the Engineering Department of the City of Perth, developed an exposed aggregate concrete paving module to resist the highly abrasive pedestrian traffic experienced in the Central Business District. As we entered 1994 we branched out into the residential market with out Limestone Reef pavers and accessories. At that time no equivalent product existed and the market snapped up our pavers with enthusiasm.

Now enter our next phase...........

Effective today UrbanStone trades under the banner of Brickworks Limited and Austral Masonry Holdings.

This will be an exciting time for the Company, our staff and above all, our customers. Rest assured that the high levels of customer service that you're all used to will not change and neither will our product quality.

We will be looking to grow and expand our markets right across the country and give purchasing opportunities to people who previously couldn't easily access our products and services.

Keep watch on this space as we continue to develop and grow.

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